I am very happy to announce the release of Endless Farming 2.0

The new website is now available here.

This version of Endless Farming will no longer be updated.

It is a fully reworked version of the this website using new technologies. In addition it comes with a daily reward page, trans units, the new easily to rememeber domain, the option to import your data from the this site, a few other additional features, and many bug fixes.

We will keep working hard to bring even more new features to you in the future.

This release also comes with our new Patreon page in case you want to support us even further.

The Purpose of This Site

1. Provide a priority system for farming Spirit Highlands (SH) pets that will maximize growth based on your current Knightage Level (KL) and available tickets.

2. Provide a priority system for using Unit Selection Tickets to maximize useful buffs.

3. Provide a method for tracking the number of units you currently have to help decide which units you can afford to sacrifice when transcending artifacts.

4. Provide a meta page with the latest team progression guide because it just makes sense to include on a site that helps you track useful pets and units.

How to Use This Site For Pets

1. Click the “My Stats” button at the top right of the page and enter the relevant data into each field. You should update this information every time your stats change.

2. Click on the “Pets” tab at the top left of the page and select either “Normal” or “Hard” SH pets from the dropdown. On the next page, add all relevant pet data from SH.

3. You will see the pet farming suggestions across the top of the page along with the number of days until completion. You will also see a green number appear on the pet card showing how many tickets should be spent per day on that pet.

4. Numbers on the bottom of the pet card indicate what KL is needed to access that pet.

5. Please note that the site will save your data on this device, but will need to be manually entered on another device. Alternatively, you can export and import data to make transfering data easier.

How to Use This Site For Units

1. Click on the “Units” tab at the top left of the page and enter all relevant unit data.

2. Pay attention to the difference between senior and non-senior units when entering numbers.

3. The buff bars below the units will fill up as you add units. Some of the buff bars will fill slowly or not fill at all until the coupled pet reaches 5*.

4. The information you add here is crucial to providing you with an accurate priority guide for Unit Selection Tickets found when you click on the “Tickets” tab at the top of the page.

Additional Information

This application was created and is maintained by Crypto.

A huge shoutout to Endless Frontier Data for their unit and pet images as well as data, to HarroweD for writing an awesome pet guide, CheezyBob for thinking up the original unit selection list and CryBenihime and SxeSpanky for keeping the meta progression up-to-date.

Feel free to give feedback on Reddit, by mail endlessfarmingtracker@gmail.com, or directly via Discord at Crypto2557#1163 or HarroweD#0666

The source code is available at GitHub!

Happy Farming!

If you like this tool and want to support this project, feel free to donate! Thanks!